Strawberry Sherbet Float with Pocky Swizzle Sticks

August has been extra hot this year, and as the dog days of summer continue we all need an afternoon icy treat. The only thing better than a sherbet float is one that is topped with swizzle sticks made of candy! Today, I’ve teamed up with Pocky to share this recipe and DIY! If you haven’t tried Pocky yet, they are the most delicious candy coated biscuit sticks! Since your float will only need around 3 swizzle sticks, I highly reccomend snacking on the rest of the box as you sip your float. That’s what I did ha!

pocky3 copy



For the float:

-Orange Sherbet

-Strawberry Soda

-Whipped Cream




For the Swizzle Sticks:




-Edible Sugar Shapes (you can get these at Michaels, or your local baking supply shop!)

-Gum Drops


  1. Cut your Gum drops into thin disks. These will be the backings of your swizzle sticks with the sugar shapes                                                                                            pocky4
  2. With a butter knife, add icing to the end of your pocky stick on the back of your sugar shape and on the back of your gum drop slice                                                                                                                pocky7
  3. Gently press the two together and let it sit
  4. Add icing to the ends of your pocky and the edge of your glass and twirl in sprinkles                                                                                                                                     pocky6
  5.  Fill up your glass 3/4 the way with your soda                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           pocky2
  6. Add your scoop of sherbet and top with whipped cream and sprinkles
  7. Gently add in your swizzle sticks and straw and enjoy!




*This post is in collaboration with Pocky!  All words and opinions are my own.