Strawberry Margaritas

Hola Chicas! Just thinking about cinco de mayo is making me crave a margarita and some fish tacos. Is it just me? I can’t help you with the taco situation (unless you’re in STL, then I have so many recommendations for you haha) but I can help you out with the margarita!

(this is not at all sponsored by el Jimador, it is just what I had on hand. But if el jimador wanted to sponsor a post, I wouldn’t complain haha! It’s good tequila!)


I had some fresh strawberries on hand, and decided to make strawberry Margaritas. I don’t have an ice machine in my current loft, so I froze some strawberries as ice!


I started by blending my strawberries to a puree, and strained out all the pulp so I just had strawberry syrup.


Here are the ingredients:

Fresh squeezed lime

1 oz of triple sec

1.5 oz of tequila

.5 oz of the strawberry juice!

Cheers, babes!