Sparkling Ice Summer Roadies

I couldn’t be more excited to have partnered with Sparkling Ice to share a series of cocktails with you! With the fourth of July coming up, there will be plenty of lake and pool time this summer. Regular cocktails just won’t do, so we made Sparkling Ice “Roadies”. Why fuss with a glass or cup, when you can craft up the cocktail right in your Sparkling Ice bottle. We came up with three different recipes that are perfect for summer, and oh so portable!

To jazz these up, they needed swizzle sticks!

To make the tassels:  just cut a 2 inch tall x 18 inch wide piece of tissue paper. Fold the 18 inches 3 times so it’s layered and cut fringe in it . Wrap it around the skewer as many times as you can and secure with fun washi tape. Add some cut fruit to the skewer, and you have such a festive swizzle stick!

I made these for an afternoon biking with friends, and they were a huge hit! I loved that I could just take a sip, close the cap, and just toss it back in my bike basket!

Thanks to Sparkling Ice for sponsoring this post! I only work with brands I absolutely love, and all opinions are my own. Learn more about their delicious flavors here!

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