Budget Friendly Kitchen Update

I I am SO excited to show you guys my kitchen reveal!! All the BIG changes were done for less than $200, and I did everything myself in one weekend. Honestly, I was really scared to do this project. I am lucky that my landlord is so cool with me doing anything to this place, but I still was nervous doing something so big and permanent! Now that I did it,I am honestly sad I didn’t do it sooner!

Ok, so lets play a game of what’s different between these images!

Fresh painted cabinets with Giani Cabinet Paint

New painted Giani Countertops

Gold Hardware

New stools

Gold Paper Towel Holder

& a stainless steel dishwasher MAGNET!


Now that my kitchen was so much prettier, it was super fun refreshing the accessories by just moving things around my house, and splurging on a new rug from Aladdin Rugs ! I love supporting other small businesses, and when one of my dearest (and most stylish) friends moved to Texas, she started working for a local rug company directing sales of vintage rugs. She texted me this pink beauty and I knew it had to be mine. If you’re into vintage rugs, you must follow their instagram here

The biggest changes here are obviously the counters and cabinets. I decided to use products from Giani. I found them from stalking pinterest for budget friendly ways to drastically change my kitchen. I used their cabinet kits in celadon green and titanium white. I was super scared to paint my cabinets after so many people telling me how difficult it was, but it was SO much easier than I thought it would be. This kit was easy to use and had everything I needed. It was a time consuming project, but I knew it would be! I don’t have too many cabinets so it took me a day and a half by myself. I used three thin coats and still had leftover paint left that I will be using in my bathroom next!

The biggest question I get is the countertops! I used their white granite countertop kit (found here ) I’m honestly so shocked by this difference the most. I had black laminate counters that had begun to peel up. I did the island to tie in the space, and I’m really happy with that decision! I started by sanding them roughly just to get a good base on my countertops and island. Instead of doing their granite look, i went with their marble application (shown here on their youtube). Its a multi step process, but like the cabinets was easy just time consuming. Your actual time of actively painting is not very much, just the wait times were long for this impatient girl.


Here are some iPhone pictures of some of the stages. I started by sponging on layers of their limestone. For the marble process if you’re wanting more white like what I did, you’ll probably need an extra can of the white limestone! After sponging a few times, i painted on black marble lines with a paintbrush. To be honest, I was so scared here bc it looked CRAZY! But, you have to just trust the process. Once the lines dry, you pour on a layer of white limestone and it tones it down SO much! Then you do 2 layers of the top coat ( i did three for extra shine!)


Ive had the countertops for about two weeks now, and I love them so much! My kitchen looks so different its crazy. They seem super durable so far and easy to clean. It does look or feel like paint, its very thick and shiny!


If you notice from the before and after side by side, my dishwasher got a makeover too. I was trying to figure out how to cover the black and tried contact paper and it looked really bad. Then I found a mind-blowing product- the dishwasher stainless steel MAGNET. It’s just a giant magnetic panel and you just slap it on. It was so easy, and since its a magnet its thicker than contact paper and just leaves it looking like a real stainless steel product I love it.


The last major change was the backsplash.  This was so easy and quick. i got a peel and stick backsplash from amazon. I was a little worried ordering it that it would be cheap looking, but its not at all. Its 3d, and the seams are invisible. They have lots of colors, but I went with white so it wouldn’t clash with the mint cabinets and pink details. This is the brand I used Peel and Stick BackSplash


Lastly, I built this little nook out of some old storage cubes I had laying around. Added some DIY cushions and boom, i had a nook!


Here are Links to everything! If you have any other questions, please comment below and I’ll update any info! Hope you love this post, I loved this project so much and love hanging out in this space now.


Subway Tile Peel and Stick Backsplash HERE

Giani Countertop Paint Kit HERE

Giani Cabinet Paint HERE

Gold Paper Towel Roll Holder HERE

Gold Cabinet Hardware HERE

Dishwasher Magnet HERE