All customized orders take two weeks to ship.

Custom Solid Adult Face Mask with Rainbow Thread


A one size fits most adult face mask. Available in Chambray and Black! Plus they're customizable! This listing is for Rainbow Thread as seen on The Home Edit. 

Choose your mask, text and thread. Click 'Customize it' to preview your embroidery! Limit to 1 special character per mask. 

*Note: preview will appear on Chambray Mask.

*Preview for Rainbow will appear as black. Rainbow thread changes as it is stitched. Depending on the size of your word, it could have any variation of pink, blue, or yellow. Rainbow thread has an extra $2 charge. Chainstitch cursive only.

As these are custom embroidered for you, please allow up to 2 weeks to ship.

Also now available in Solid PrintLeopard Print and our classic Tie Dye.

Masks have space for filter. Wire lining on nose and elastic ear loops for secure fit. Washable (we recommend by hand). Masks are 95% Viscose, 5% Elastan with a 100% Cotton lining. 

This is a non medical mask. The CDC recommends the public wearing a fabric mask while out of the house. For best practice, wash your hands before putting on your mask and after removing. While wearing the mask, try not to mess with it once it is on and try your best not to touch your face!